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About oliva tobacco

For 87 years, our family has had the honor and privilege of supplying the world’s premier cigar producers with fine leaf tobacco. Four generations have devoted their lives to learning the secrets of planting, cultivating, harvesting, curing, and grading tobacco and earning the trust and confidence of our valued customers. Today we continue the tradition on our South and Central American farms, including our contract farms.

Oliva Tobacco leaf is highly coveted, because of our almost obsessive commitment to every facet of the premium tobacco growing process.

We spend a lot of time on the ground – judging the soil, selecting the seed, evaluating the crops, inspecting the curing barns, and working with our farming partners. Further critical attention is given to our tobacco fermentation process. PROCENICSA, our Nicaragua subsidiary, is renowned as one of the finest tobacco fermentation and processing facilities in the cigar trade.

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What Sets Us Apart

Angel Oliva, our Founder’s commitment to customer relationships is now entrusted to
the third generation of The Oliva Tobacco Family. If you’ve smoked a fine cigar, you’ve probably experienced our Premium tobacco.

We don’t make cigars… we supply tobacco for the world’s most prestigious cigar brands. We grow premium tobacco from our own Cuban, Sumatra, Connecticut, and our own experimental hybrid seeds, on our own farms, throughout South and Central America.

Additionally, we have cultivated a network of independent farms bound by our standards for fine leaf.

Angel Oliva, Sr

Founder, Oliva Tobacco Company 1934